A New Drink To Help You Relax

5:52 PM, Nov 19, 2010   |    comments
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ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- At the end of a long day some people like to have a glass of wine to help them de-stress. But a new drink that has hit shelves in the DC area promises to help people relax without the alcohol and far fewer calories.

It's called Unwind and the makers of the drink call it the "ultimate relaxation drink."

Greg Inverso the Mid-Atlantic distribution representative for Frontier Beverage told us, "This helps mellow you out, helps relieve the stress and really calms you down."

So we had employees at Toka Salon and Day Spa in Alexandria test out the drink to see how it made them feel after a busy day with clients.  The drink received plenty of good reviews.

Jayne Schwetje told us "It was very nice and I really liked the flavor." And Silvia Piriz said, "I took it at nighttime before I went to bed and it was excellent the way coming down and relax my whole body.

The drink is 40 calories and has only 10 grams of sugar. The makers said Unwind contains ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, rose hips and passion flower all herbals that are supposed to help combat insomnia and anxiety. People can find all of them at their local nutrition or health food stores.

We talked to Nutritionist Dr. Rovenia Brock who said the drinks aren't unsafe, but she does worry about the possible side effects from too much melatonin.

"It causes decreased sex drive, both for men and women, headaches, nausea, and a battery of other unpleasant and extremely harmful side effects," Dr. Brock told us.

She also feel there are plenty of healthy low-cal snacks to help the brain relax and get ready for sleep. Dr. Brock suggested people eat soy foods, like soy milk, soy beans, lentils, beets and also protein foods like chicken, turkey, but make sure to keep the fat content down. Of course a good old fashion cup of herbal tea can help people relax too.

Unwind can be found any where Canada Dry products are sold in the D.C. Metro area and each can cost about $2.

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