Levy Trial: Condit's Semen Found in Levy's Underwear at Apartment, Says FBI Forensic Examiner

5:39 PM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The defense is starting to call its witnesses after the prosecution rested its case against the man accused of murdering Chandra Levy.

After putting on their last witness, the Assistant U.S. Attorneys asked the judge to drop the sexual assault charge against Ingmar Guandique, and the murder charge connected to that count.

Reporters had been expecting several jailhouse informants to testify, but in the end prosecutors called only one to the stand. He testified that Guandique confessed to murdering Levy, but he said he denied raping her. That left prosecutors with almost no evidence that Guandique sexually assaulted her.

Still remaining are two other murder counts related to Guandique allegedly kidnapping and robbing the former intern in May, 2001.

Defense attorneys asked the judge to dismiss the rest of the case, but he refused.

The defense case should start this afternoon, but two witnesses had declined to talk to Guandique's lawyers. They may contradict previous witnesses and testify that they saw no scratches on Guandique the night after Levy disappeared.

Wednesday morning, an FBI forensic examiner testified that former Congressman Gary Condit's semen was found in Chandra Levy's underwear.

Alan Giusti testified he examined underwear recovered from Levy's apartment just after she disappeared in May, 2001. He found evidence of semen, and later DNA testing matched it to Condit.

Condit testified two weeks ago in the murder case against Salvadoran gang member Ingmar Guandique. Condit refused to say whether he was having an affair with former intern Chandra Levy. He said it was a private and personal matter.

DC police focused for months on Condit as they investigated Levy's disappearance, even after Guandique admitted attacking other women in Rock Creek Park.

Guisti also testified that he examined the panties found with Levy's skeletal remains a year after her disappearance. He said he found no semen nor DNA on that underwear.

Written by Bruce Leshan
9NEWS NOW & wusa9.com

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