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Protestors Demand Charges In Death Outside Nightclub

6:48 PM, Nov 8, 2010   |    comments
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Protester scream for 'justice,' while holding signs in support of a man who died outside of a nightclub in October

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Angry protestors are demanding answers in the case of the man who died last month outside a DC nightclub. 

The US Attorney dropped charges on Friday against five men accused of running down Ali Mohammed after he threw a brick through the window of the DC 9 club.

Prosecutors say they need more evidence.

The protestors want to know how the charges against the club owner and four others could go from 2nd degree murder, to aggravated assault, and now to nothing. "There is blood on the ground, and there are people who have seen that. There's witnesses. What kind of scientific evidence do you need?" asked one of them. 

Hundreds of people marched from the US Attorney's Office to the Justice Department. And then on to the Mayor and City Council offices at the Wilson Building.

"It's my son, I miss him. This is why I'm here. I need justice," said Mohammed's mother, Shashia Bule.

The police chief once called this a case of savage vigilante justice, accusing the five men from the nightclub of tackling, kicking and stomping Mohammed to death. But the medical examiner has been unable to confirm that. The US Attorney's Office says the autopsy results so far have been unable to sustain a charge of either aggravated assault or murder.

"This is not the right thing. Someone got murdered," said another protestor.

But prosecutors insist the investigation continues and that they can still restore charges if they can develop a case. "I have confidence in the law of the United States. It will take time, but it will prevail. Justice will prevail," says Mohammed's father Ahmed Gantalchu.
Lawyers for the five former defendants insist they never kicked or stomped Mohammed, and that he must have died from some other cause.

The club's liquor license has been suspended -- but only until December 1st.

Written by Bruce Leshan
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