Candidate Fimian Apologizes For Virginia Tech Shootings Comment

5:24 AM, Nov 1, 2010   |    comments
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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WUSA) -- Not only is Keith Fimian, (R) VA 11th Congressional District Candidate, running for office... he was running from the media on Friday. After the morning debate with his opponent Representative Gerald Connolly, (D) VA 11th District, on WTOP, he did not want to answer anymore questions about guns or the gunshow loophole.

" I've said I agree with Senator Warner and Wolf and Webb," he said, and was asked what HE thinks.
"I think dealers at gunshows should do background checks," Fimian said.

But licensed dealers are already required to do background checks at gunshows. Closing the loophole would force everyone else selling guns at gunshows to do background checks. Fimian's opponent, congressman Gerry Connolly supports legislation to close it. Guns became an issue in this race after Fimian said this in a recent interview:

"I think that at Virginia Tech, if one of those kids in those classrooms was packing heat, I think that would not have happened."

In the Friday debate, he had an apology and an explanation after Connolly scolded him, "What in the world were you thinking? And what are you going to say to the grieving families in Fairfax with that kind of intemperate and extreme remark?"

"Again, my heart goes out to those poor families. What I meant to say was, had a security guards on campus, the assailant may have thought twice and it may have been prevented."

Colin Goddard survived the Virginia tech shootings.

"I'm definitely offended by that statement," he said of Fimian's statement about students being armed. He says when he briefly saw the shooter, he at first thought he was a cop, until he was shot several times.

Goddard says he does not wish he had a gun, but is thankful he had his cell phone. It was his call that helped guide police to the massacre and caused the gunman to kill himself instead of even more people.

Even though Fimian apologized for his statement, gun rights advocates have suggested the same thing, and so have many people to Goddard.
But Goddard insists if students were armed, it would've made things worse.

"I've talked to the Blacksburg police and others who responded that day. They said If they had seen anyone in there with a gun, they would've taken them down. If you allowed students to carry concealed into college classrooms, you change the entire dynamic of how police respond to an active shooter," said Goddard.

Goddard is not working for the Brady Campaign, trying to close the gunshow loop hole.

Written by Peggy Fox

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