Metro Lashes Out At Hero Who Risked His Own Life To Save Another

4:22 PM, Oct 20, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Metro Releases Video Of Rescue On The Rails

Dramatic rescue on Metro's tracks

(WUSA) -- Metro is releasing surveillance video of a man jumping onto the tracks to rescue a complete stranger who had a medical emergency. It happened in August at the Orange Line stop at Virginia Square-GMU station in Arlington.

The video shows a man walking toward the end of the platform, and then falling onto the tracks. Just after that, the platform lights start flashing, signaling that a train is approaching the station. That's when witnesses on the both sides of the tracks rush into action. One races up an escalator to get to the station manager, while others wave their arms frantically to get the train to stop. One Good Samaritan, Dimas Pinzon, jumps from the opposite platform down onto the tracks, and crosses to the other side to help the stricken man off the tracks.

A Metro spokesperson tells 9NEWS NOW in no uncertain terms that Pinzon will not be getting any commendations from the agency. It stresses that while his intentions were in the right place, Pinzon could have been killed by stepping on the 750 volt third rail.

Written by Jessica Glasser & Andrea McCarren

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