Half of moms admit to texting/reading while driving with children in car

8:09 PM, Aug 30, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)--Research shows adults are just as likely to text as teens and more likely than teens to talk on their cell phones while driving.  Many of these grown-ups are doing it with their kids in the car.

"Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday I have dinner reservations almost every other night," says Lisa Shapiro, a food blogger for Dining in DC.  "It's like this constant needing to be plugged in needing to know what's happening."

However, the need to feed the social networking beast for business is a recipe for danger for this busy mom.

"If the phone rings and I'm driving, even with the kids in the car, I'm gonna pick it up," says Shapiro.  "If I'm at a light, the second I'm breaking, that light is red, I'm texting."


Shapiro is not alone. A recent study by Bohan Marketing revealed 49 % of moms admit to reading or writing a text while driving and with their children in the car.

We here at 9NEWS NOW conducted our own survey on Momslikeme.com and found similar results. More than 50% of local moms said they're guilty.

So what will make Shapiro stop?  "I think something will have to happen," she says.

John Townsend from AAA Mid-Atlantic says Shapiro, like most people, feel they're the exception to the rule.

"If you don't break that habit it can be very dangerous and your passing that dangerous habit onto a new generation.  They learn very early," says Townsend.

From balancing business in one arm, to a bottle in the other, today's mom is busier than ever.  But there are some tricks to avoid temptation to text on the road.

"Not only putting the phone in the back of the car or trunk but taking a pledge," says Townsend.

A pledge like 9NEWS NOW's Great Hang Up.  Which Shapiro has agreed to do.  We hope you will too!

By Angie Goff

9NEWS Now and wusa9.com

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