Paranormal Activity At Brunswick Railroad Museum

11:34 PM, Jun 28, 2010   |    comments
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BRUNSWICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Paranormal investigators reveal audio recordings of ghosts recorded at the Brunswick Railroad Museum.

Daryll Keller with the Mason Dixon Paranormal Society, says there are 14 unexplained EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

"It sounds like it says have a nice day," he said about one of the recordings.

He investigated the museum after people reported hearing voices, footsteps, and seeing a ghost in a white dress.

Keller says most of the voices came from the second floor, where historic items are on display.

"There's one thing called object attachment. Where a spirit can attach itself to an object," Keller said.

Curator Rebecca O'Leary listened closely to hear whether she knew any of the names. One sounded like 'Smith.'

"That makes sense," she said pointing to a display case, "because everything in this case here belonged to Dr. J. G. Smith who was a physician in Brunswick."

During the investigation, the elevator doors opened six times on the second floor. Keller says he tries to find reasonable explanations and suggests getting the elevator checked out by professionals.

The only thing he can't explain are the voices.

O'Leary says she'll do some research to see if any of the other names match up. She's excited-- not scared.

"They haven't bothered me so far. If we continue that relationship in the future, I will probably be a happy curator," O'Leary said.

Investigators were unable to make out all of the voices they heard. They say because of the museum's history, it's possible that some of the ghosts are speaking foreign language.

Written by Lindsey Mastis

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