Mother Of Murder Victim Slams Mayor Fenty

11:55 PM, Jun 21, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The mother of a girl killed in a notorious drive-by shooting in March has written Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, saying he does not care about the welfare of the city's children.

The letter follows disruptions Sunday Night at the city's New Beginnings detention facility for young criminals. It is run by the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, D-Y-R-S.

"The connection for me and, I think, most of the metropolitan area would be death. I mean that's really what I equate D-Y-R-S to be: a breeding ground for murderers.

"My child, along with other innocent individuals, were murdered by individuals from D-Y-R-S as well as other agencies that were supposed to supervise and monitor them, and they did not do that.

"And we know that there are other individuals in Washington, DC who have also been murdered by these absconders from D-Y-R-S, so D-Y-R-S equals murder to me," she told 9NewsNow.

9NEWS NOW's request for an on camera interview with someone from DYRS at the time of this story was denied.  However, on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Reggie Sanders, spokesperson for the agency did issue this statement:  "None of the suspects involved in the shooting were under DYRS supervision."

9NEWS NOW repeated attempts to reach Fenty for a response were unsuccessful.

Jefferies' letter follows:

Mr. Adrian Fenty,

I have great concerns about your role as the Mayor of the District of Columbia and your concern or lack thereof for the very people that voted you in your position of power in which you abuse.

As you know all too well since you sat on the DC Council before being elected as the mayor the concerns, issues and very clear dangers of DYRS; the agency you chaired over while sitting on the council. You have along with Vincent Sharaldi, Marc Schindler, Peter Nickels, Tommy Wells and many more shunned away from, lived in a fairytale and just plain out ignored the severity and very valid concerns the citizens, staff and other officials have presented over the years in reference to this facility that seems to be consistent with one thing and that is producing killers and allowing them to roam freely on the streets of DC to commit various crimes including murder.

There was a hearing on Monday June 14, 2010 as you know on absconders and placement and you did what you do so well, abuse your power. You instructed the MPD not to attend this hearing that they were very much needed in for various reasons. I understand your child was not the one with their head blown off and their brains shaken up like jello Mr. Fenty but as the mayor of the District I would have thought you would have been and would be more sensitive to the issues that we face in our community with violent juveniles. I guess the fact remains since none of the children murdered senselessly in DC have been your children or anyone you know directly it is not an issue or concern to you.

This meeting was a very important meeting and many questions that were posed could not be answered simply because you abused your power and informed MPD not to attend the meeting on the very people they arrest (absconders). That was insulting to me as a mother who recently lost her only child to a very violent and senseless act of violence, terrorism even right here in the District of Columbia. My beautiful daughter, Brishell Jones was slaughtered as if she were less than human on March 30, 2010.

I am not clear as to what role you will play if any to correct the deadly mess that DYRS breeds and allows to roam our streets? If you have a juvenile facility and absconders exist one would think that very juvenile facility DYRS would have its very own absconder unit. To my surprise it does not and why is a great question. An even better question is why would you the mayor tell the MPD to not be present at a hearing to discuss how they search and locate absconders? It's a valid question since MPD does have an absconder unit.

The DC Council members at this hearing seemed to think the newspaper gives false and mythical stories of the absconders from DYRS yet you instruct the police department not to attend the meeting to clear up these false statements and myths. The bottom line is no one cares and has not had to care because again none of the innocent, beautiful young people were any of you all loved ones or own children.

Your actions have shown me and the rest of the citizens in the District that once again you have abused your power, turned your back on us and refuse to stand up and deal with anything with the human element and that is compassion to start with, followed with sensitivity, respect and concern about your community which should be the District of Columbia not just your neighborhood and the 2 mile radius around it. You should be concerned for all of us in the city including your area since it only takes $1 and some change to become mobile in the city and a violent person can travel anywhere via car, metro bus and train.

Now today I see on the news and read in the papers a riot took place at the wonderful, country club for killers I wonder if this will raise an eyebrow on your face or will you continue to insist all is well on the multi-million dollar facility. It is more than obvious to everyone outside of those who supported the insane building and structure of a facility without any structure or discipline whatsoever this is a breeding ground for vile offenders to freely walk away and commit some of the most unspeakable crimes imaginable.

I have also called you and come to your office and filled out a request to ask you in person what does the proclamation you had Ms. Simms present to the families on May 22, 2010 the day of our bike rally actually mean and represents to you as the mayor of the District? You have done your usual routine again and ignore my requests to you as you did so well in the previous years prior to my daughter being shot down like a wild animal being hunted in the safari.

Have a nice day because since my beautiful, intelligent, loving, peaceful child's brains were blown out of her little head just a few yards from our home that she and I once shared happily together I no longer have nice days.

Nardyne Jefferies, Proud Mother of Brishell Tashe' Jones or should I type former mother.

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