More Than 21,000 Youth In DC Summer Jobs Program

5:40 PM, Jun 15, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- More than 21,000 young people have been assigned summer jobs, according to a press release from DC Mayor Adrian Fenty's office.

What the Mayor's release doesn't say is that the young people will be required to work about a month before they'll get that first pay check on July 21st.

Joe Walsh, director of Employment Services says the young people will be given a $25 stipend to help get them through the first month.

Cherita Whiting has a son in the summer jobs program, and she says the one month wait for the first paycheck is not acceptable. She predicts young people will become no-shows before the month is up.

DC Councilman Michael Brown also has concerns. He's holding the first public hearing about the summer jobs program on May 16.

9NEWS NOW has also learned that about 135 summer jobs students, some of them honor roll students, have been assigned to summer school instead of work locations by mistake, while 50 more students, who need and signed up for summer school, have been placed at work locations. 

Most of the 21,000 summer jobs are being provided by the DC government, federal government and non profits. The private sector is employing 1,200 summer job workers; that's 200 more than last year.

Walsh says assignment mistakes are being identified and corrected quickly.

Written by Bruce Johnson

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