8 And 9-Year-Old Girls Provocative Dance Shocks Parents

5:05 PM, May 14, 2010   |    comments
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  • (From Youtube video)
  • (From Youtube video)
  • (From Youtube video)

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)  -- A new YouTube video has caused alarm among some parents. It shows a group of eight to nine-year-old girls dancing on stage to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." 

They appear highly skilled and trained in the latest dance techniques, and they replicate many of the moves that Beyonce performs. The problem many adults see is that the moves seem sexually-charged, as Beyonce perhaps intended them to be.

Alan Titus from Arlington says, "As a father of three girls, I wouldn't want my girls wearing those outfits dancing to that song."

"It's inappropriate.   I think it's ridiculous that they would let these girls dress like that and dance like that.   It gives the impression that that's OK and it's not," said Cynthia Brothers, an Arlington mother.

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