Newly Discovered Surveillance Video Released in Police Beating Case

6:01 PM, Apr 21, 2010   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK Md. (WUSA) -- University of Maryland officials Wednesday released 90 minutes of newly discovered police surveillance video from a camera near the scene of a controversial March 3 beating of a student by riot police.

The video had been subpoenaed by attorneys for the beating victim, who at first did not recieve a copy because University officials reported the video had been lost.

Instead, an investigator made a copy of the video before the original was erased, officials said.  The copy was discovered Tuesday and delivered to the attorneys Wednesday.

A University police lieutenant in charge of surveillance on the night the video was recorded is married to one of the mounted police officers who was at the scene of the beating.

University spokesman Millree Williams said she recused herself from handling any video in the case, once the subpoena was issued.  He added that her integrity is "beyond question".

Even so, Maryland State Police have been called in to investigate.

The video does not show the actual beating of student Jack McKenna which is proof University Police have nothing to hide, according to spokesman Paul Dillon.

"The 90-minute gap, we believe, was a technician's error," Dillon said.

Attorneys for the beating victim said they look forward to the outcome of the State Police investigation.

"It was the most important camera that was omitted," said attorney Chris Griffiths.  "They say its a mistake, but its a coincidence that raises enough questions that one would hope its thoroughly investigated."

The case against police was launched after another video shot by a student and posted on YouTube clearly showed McKenna being beaten by police during a post-basketball game celebration on Knox Road.

"At the time we subpoenaed the surveillance video, we don't know that police knew we had the other tape," Griffiths said.

Written by Scott Broom

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