Consumer Alert: A Recall Roundup Of Hazardous Products

4:53 PM, Apr 15, 2010   |    comments
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  • Oriental Furniture Roll Up Blinds
  • Crate And Barrel Glass Water Bottles
  • Gund Baby Paperboard Books
  • Deux Par Duex Minimome Children's Snowsuits
  • Deux Par Deux Minimome Children's Coats
  • Oriental Furniture Roman Shades
  • Evenflo Top-Of-Stair Plus Wood Gate
  • Gund Baby Paperboard Books
  • Gund Baby Paperboard Books
  • Le Hing Baby Walker

BETHESDA, Md., (WUSA) -- Roll up and Roman shades by Oriental Furniture  may compliment the decor in your home, but they pose a deadly danger.

"Your child can get their head stuck in here, and it's a strangulation hazard.  Or the loop can come off and it's basically a noose," says CPSC's Patty Davis.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled about 25,000 of the Oriental Furniture string cord blinds.  Davis says consumers should contact the company for a free repair kit.

"And you can save your child's life," she says.

No children died after falling through Evenflo's $40 Top-Of-The-Stair Plus Wood Gates.  But several of them sustained bumps, bruises, scratches and scraps.

Davis says, "The slats can break and detach as this one did right here."

Parents can get a free replacement at no cost.  And, Gund will replace its colorful baby paper books for free too because the styrofoam filler pops out.

"This is a choking hazard," Davis says.

Crate and Barrel's glass water bottles aren't a choking hazard.  But, 42,000 of them have been recalled because they can break.

"In fact, there have been four people with these Crate and Barrel glass beverage bottles that have been cut when those glass bottles shattered on them." says the CPSC spokesperson.

And once again, the consumer safety agency wants parents to know drawstrings are a big no-no on children's clothing. That's why Deux par Duex's $190 snowsuits and $140 coats are being recalled.

CPSC's Patty Davis says, "They can strangle.  It gets stuck in the bus door.  It gets stuck on a slide if they're going down."

There's one more thing, Le Hing's Baby Walker isn't sold in our area, but it could be on the secondhand market.   The recalled item can easily pass through a doorway, and doesn't have any safety stoppers on its wheels.

So take quick action to protect your family if you have any of these items in your home. 


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