Historic day becomes History lessons in Schools

4:52 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - While thousands made the trip to the National Mall, others were stuck in the classroom, but some schools used the historic day as an important teaching lesson.

Children at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Southeast DC, participated in their own march.

Kayla Mohummad, 9, says "It felt like I was back in the day marching with Martin Luther King." 9-year-old Kayla Mohummad is only in 5th grade, but she got what Dr. King stood for.

"We were marching to stop segregation and to help blacks and whites to be equal."

Malik Johnson, 10, says "We was marching for Martin Luther King because he did great stuff. He stopped segregation."

It's only fitting the school with the same namesake dedicated the day to remembering what happened years ago.

Malachi Woodward, 10, says "It's important because we did a march for Martin Luther King and what he did 50 years ago."

While grade school kids commemorated the day, high schoolers in Montgomery County had a history lesson in the classroom.

10th graders at Northwood High School in Silver Spring integrated current events of this historic day in government class.

Lauren Baughan, 15, says "Our school is extremely diverse. If it wasn't for him than we would not be the way we are today. We have him to thank for that."

Billy Yendall, 15, says "There's no end to his influence. It was important 50 years ago, it's important now."

Dr. King's speech was broadcast on a continuous loop throughout the day in the hallways and in the auditorium.

Mandisa Murray, 17, says "I feel like it was meant for us, not really for his time. I think he wanted it mostly for the children since back then they didn't have all that freedom and rights. He meant to pave our future."

Mildred Charley-Greene, Northwood H.S. Principal, said "What they experience at Northwood everyday which is the bounty of having so many students from different backgrounds, learning and enjoying one another, wouldn't have happened years ago and they need to be aware why we are able to do the things we were doing."

From the young marchers to the older classmates they're starting to get the message.

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