Same-sex marriage debate heats up in front of the Supreme Court

7:19 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -- Hundreds of people on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate spent Wednesday standing outside the Supreme Court, and at least half of them were in the millennial generation. 

70% of millennial's now support same-sex marriage, according to the latest Pew Research poll, and that overwhelming majority could certainly be felt in the crowds outside the court.

"I'm here because I believe that equality is important," said an American University student.

"I'm here to support the rights of my gay friends because they should have the same rights as me," said another.

As day two of oral arguments started inside the Supreme Court, outside a young lesbian couple started kissing directly in front of members of the ultra-conservative Westboro Baptist Church.

 When WUSA9 asked one member of the church what she thought of the public display of affection, she replied, "It makes me feel that this country is doomed."

About twenty members of the Westboro Baptist Church came to Washington from Kansas to protest the legalization of same-sex marriage. But they were vastly outnumbered by scores of gay marriage supporters.

"We're hoping the Supreme Court justices are looking out the windows and seeing that we are families and that we deserve the same rights," said two brides-to-be that are two-months away from getting married in Maryland.

Owen Wills, who came all the way from Chicago, carried a sign that read: "If I can get married, then why can't my moms?"

Willis grew up surrounded by the same-sex marriage debate. But the signs carried by members of the Westboro Baptist Church, which are so graphic that they have to be blurred out on television, still get to him.

"It's frustrating. They don't know anything about me and they don't know anything about my family. But that's they're right. They're allowed to come out here just like I'm allowed to come out here," said Willis.

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