Tips For Women To Stay Safe After Dupont Area iPhone Muggings

11:45 PM, Nov 25, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- After two men in black hooded sweatshirts on bicycles punched and/or robbed three women in two days last week in the Dupont Circle area, we joined forces with the DC Guardian Angels to get the word out and offer safety tips.

According to DC Guardian Angel John Ayala, it just takes a second for someone to snatch your phone. Ayala says people walking with their cell phones out in their hands are targets.

The recent violent attacks happened on the 1500 blocks of P and Q Streets. Ayala and the Angels have been handing out flyers there.

Tip 1: Put the phone away. "They see people on the phones, they say that person not paying attention, then it's going to be the approach, either they're gonna come up behind you or they're going to ask you a question, hey, do you know what time it is," said Ayala.

Ayala says it's not just enough to keep your phone in your pocket when you're walking. He says that goes for the Metro and the bus stop, too.

Tip 2: No headphones. "I always advise people if you're going to listen to music, I love music also, but have one earpiece hanging out," said Ayala.

Tip 3: Don't wear your pocketbook hanging at your side. Always try to have it in front of you.

Police say those two suspects are still out there, so if you're walking a half a block or ten, a little prevention can go a long way.

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