DC Schools To Close: Kaya Henderson, DC Schools Chancellor Releases the List

5:55 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- MacFarland Middle School in Northwest Washington was built in 1923. If DC schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has her way, the school will close in 2013.

On Tuesday, Henderson released a proposed list of 20 schools throughout the city that will close their doors for good after the current school year. Henderson said the schools on the list, including MacFarland Middle, were chosen because of low enrollment, the percentage of their buildings that are actually being used, and the condition of their buildings.

"We want as many of our young people to go to school in a modernized building as possible," Henderson said.

According to Henderson, when students from the schools that are closing go to their new schools for the 2013-2014 school year, the average school enrollment in DC will increase 15 percent, from the current 376 to 432.

"If we reduce of our facilities,we'll be able to improve the programs that we offer, we'll be able to utilize our staff more efficiently, so that we can concentrate on the things that we know move things for kids," Henderson added.

Though some parents at the affected schools understood the need to consolidate, many parents were stunned and angry. Scharnice Deveaux has children at two schools on the proposed cut list, Spingarn High School and MacFarland Middle.

"I might cry, this has been an emotional day for me. Why?" Deveaux wondered.

Several public hearings will be held on the proposed school closings over the next few weeks. The first will be Thursday, November 15, at four o'clock at the DC city council.

Here's the complete list of schools to be closed: 

1)      Francis Stevens

2)      Garrison Elementary

3)      McFarland Middle School

4)      Sharpe Health School

5)      Mamie D. Lee school

6)      Choice at Hamilton

7)      Marshall Elementary

8)      Spingarn High School

9)      Spingarn STAY High School

10)   Prospect LC

11)   Shaw at Garnett Patterson

12)   Davis elementary

13)   Kenilworth Elementary

14)   Ron Brown Middle school

15)   Smothers Elementary

16)   Winston EC (educational campus)

17)   Ferebee Hope Elementary

18)   Johnson Middle school

19)   Malcolm X Elementary

20)   MC Terrell - McGogney Elementary  

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