Incumbent D.C. Council member Michael Brown, attorney David Grosso, vie for at-large council seat in Washington,D.C. race

10:13 PM, Oct 23, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -  D.C. Council incumbent Michael Brown had once been a candidate for Mayor. Now he's fighting off a challenge just to hold on to his at large seat.

And Attorney David Grosso, a veteran D.C. council staffer, now in his own first campaign, is trying to unseat Brown.

Brown and Grosso are both running as Independents, gunning for the open at-large council seat that, by law, is reserved for a non- Democrat.

It would have been a walk for Brown, except for unpaid taxes and rent, loss of driving privileges, and the disappearance of a huge sum of money from his campaign:

Brown supporters point out that reporters helped Grosso to keep a 20-year-old marijuana conviction out of the debate until recently.

The challenger has endorsements from the Washington Post, City Paper and other publications. Brown has name recognition, and organized labor, which is making up for much of the missing campaign funds.

A recent polls shows Brown leading Grosso by 5 percentage points.

Council member Michael Brown contacted 9News on Tuesday night to say that he never fails to pay his taxes and that he was put on a payment plan. He also said that he was only two days late in paying his rent.

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