Metro Bus Driver Confronted by WTOP Reporter, Mark Segraves, After he was "Run Off the Road"

7:08 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
Mark Segraves and this Metro Bus driver got into a heated exchange in Washington. Photo by Mark Segraves, WTOP
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A Metro bus driver and a reporter from WTOP had a confrontation, that the reporter recorded, after he says she "ran him off the road." 

Mark Segraves and the bus driver exchanged words, after Seagraves says she gave him the finger after a near accident on the road. 

"WTOP investigative reporter Mark Segraves says he was trying to parallel park his car in Northwest on Wednesday when a Metrobus driver rushed the bus up behind him, honked and flashed a lewd gesture. Segraves went to the next stop with a camera, boarded the bus and confronted the driver, who refused to answer his questions," the article written on stated.

Here's how Segraves recounts the exchange: 

"You can call me Miss Metro," the operator then says.

"Can I get off your bus?" he asks. "You are not going to let me off your bus?"

"You can get off at the next stop," she says.

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