Fiscal Cliff Soapbox: Local Residents in Washington, D.C. Sound Off

11:29 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- A lot of us are scratching our heads, wondering why the politicians have yet to come up with a plan to keep us from falling off the fiscal cliff - something nearly all of them think would be a disaster.

So how would you solve it?

We let people sound off in Georgetown -- literally on a soapbox.

"Do you worry about taxes going up?" "I'm not wealthy, so no." "'Course, if we go over the cliff, taxes go up on everybody." "Everybody?... So don't go over the cliff."
"My name is Lou Weinstein, I write novels....Nobody wants to held up a tax cut for most of the people in this country just so the richest people can avoid paying their fair share. That's absurd."

"Let's go off the cliff. Happy to pay the additional taxes if he agrees not to spend any more than he already has. 

"Oh, no, ok. I don't know what that means. There are money problems? Please don't film me."
"The Republicans can't add and the Democrats are wussies."
"They just keep it going so they can keep they're jobs. They're not looking out for us like they're supposed to."
"They wouldn't get around to me. I'm not important."

"The Defense Department doesn't need anywhere near what it's getting now. We have enough weapons to kill everyone in the world several times over."
"I thank our soldiers first and foremost for what they've done for us."

"I'm a good Democrat, but I've always worried about the debt. I thought Reagan started the whole thing off bad."

"Robson, Bill Robson.... What they should have been doing as elected officials is working on a solution."

We'll have the soapbox out again soon, and maybe give you a chance to sound off.

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