Job Openings At Aldi And Job Outlook

11:47 AM, Sep 21, 2011   |    comments
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HYATTSVILLE, Md (WUSA) -- How many show up at a job fair can be an indication of how bad or good the economy is.

Aldi grocery is opening three new stores in the region and is looking for employees for their existing 10 stores across DC, MD and VA.

David Clark has been unemployed for the past three years.
"It's pretty dire straights. I haven't had one since high school. There are no jobs."

The Aldi company says David is one of a couple of thousand job applicants expected to turn out for 70 open positions.

Economists say they're not surprised with David's situation. Especially when you break down the numbers: suburban Maryland has seen the worst in the last 12 months losing 8000 jobs, D.C. has added a few thousand and Virginia has gained strength as well.

Stephen is a professor at George Mason University and an economist. "You definitely need to go where the jobs are. Suburban Maryland, D.C. and Virginia are very different and perform differently.

The unemployment rate:

Suburban MD: 6.4%
Northern VA : 4.6% 
DC :11.3%

Fuller says, "Transportation is a big cost and big barrier."
It could prove challenging for someone from Hyattsville to get to Arlington everyday, where they need jobs at a 3.7% unemployment rate.

The kinds of jobs have changed too requiring, advanced education.

David only has a high school diploma.
David says, "It's been getting worse, that's why I'm still looking."

Fuller says, "People are desperate. They have  bills to pay and they're trying to keep their house. We are in our fourth year of this problem and the duration is beyond what anyone would have imagined."

But Fuller is optimistic that the job outlook will improve starting next spring.
"Take any job you can get and keep looking is my advice."

Aldi will be having more job fairs  at two locations from 4 to 7 p.m Wednesday night.
Marriott Courtyard at the Capitol
1325 2nd Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

Marriott Conference Center UMUC
3501 University Blvd, Hyattsville, MD 20783

Aldis is looking for cashiers, shift managers and store manager trainees.
It pays from $11.50 to $23 dollars an hour.
These are permanent full time positions.
20 hours constitute full time status with full benefits at the company.

Upcoming Stores: Washington, D.C., Cheverly, MD, and Camp Springs, MD 

Existing Maryland Stores: Hyattsville, Lanham, Oxon Hill, District Heights, Langley Park, Bowie and Brandywine 
Existing Virginia Store: Alexandria

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