Prime Rib Hash

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courtesy: of Wildfire of McLean, Va.


1 portion (6 oz) hash vegetables
1 portion (5 oz) marinated, seared, & cubed prime rib
1 - 8 oz spoodle breakfast potatoes & onions
1 spray oil
2 oz ladle beef au jus
2 each cracked (raw) eggs (in a mashed crock)
1 small sauce pot of egg poaching liquid


Toss vegetable hash, prime rib & potatoes together in a stainless steel bowl. Spray hot cast iron skillet
with oil. Evenly transfer above mix to skillet and roast in wood burning oven for 1½ minutes. Slowly
and gently drop ggs into simmering poaching liquid for 3 minutes. While eggs are poaching, pull hash
mixture from oven and stir. Return to oven for another minute. Remove from oven and deglaze pan with

au jus. Neatly top with poached eggs. For 1 serving.

For the prime rib:
2 lbs. cold, leftover prime rib
1 ¼ cups Ranchero Sauce
2 oz. oil

Cut prime rib into ¼" cubes, leaving a small amount of fat on meat, trimming off excess. Place cubed meat in a pyrex pan. Pour Ranchero dressing over meat and mix together well. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Heat the oil is a large sauté pan. Brown half the meat for 5-6 minutes to caramelize. Cool on plastic sheet pan. Makes 7-8 servings.

For the vegetables:

1 ¼ lb. green peppers, diced into ½"
1 ¼ lb. red peppers, diced into ½"
2 ½ lbs. Spanish onions, diced into ½"
2T. fresh basil, chopped
2t. fresh sage, minced
2 t. rosemary, minced
4 t. salt and pepper mix
2T. garlic puree
2T. oil
2 oz. butter

Directions: Melt 1 oz. butter and 1T. oil into 2 separate skillets over high heat. Add half the pepper and half the
onions to each pan. Add half the herbs and spices to each pan and sauté vegetables to caramelize. Add
1T. garlic and salt and pepper mix to each pan and cook briefly. Cool at room temperature on a
parchment lined pan. When cool, separate into 6 oz. portions. Makes 10 portions.

For breakfast potatoes and onions:


1 gallon potatoes, skin on, diced into ½"
1 cup oil
4 oz. butter
1 qt. Spanish onions, diced into ½"
2T. salt and pepper mix


Wash potatoes well. Dice potatoes and store in water for 1 day. Next day, drain the potatoes well. In a
preheated (400 degree) skillet, add oil and butter until smoking hot. Then add potatoes and brown,
flipping over every 2-3 minutes. Add 10 minutes, add onions and caramelize with potatoes for about
another 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper mixture, spread out on sheet pan and hold at room temperature.
Makes 9 servings.

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