Kiosks At Bowie Town Center And Wheaton Westfield Mall, Rockville Safeway And Other Eateries Suspended For Violations Ranging from Sewage To No Hot Water To General Unsanitary Conditions

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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Food dangers resulting in closures at a major grocery store and eateries in shopping centers and malls range from sewage to mice to no hot water.

Our camera finds feces at Quizno's

Our Food Alert Camera recorded footage of mice droppings at an Aspen Hill Quizno's, 2281 Bel Pre Rd., that had just reopened after a closure for a rodent infestation.

The manager of the Quizno's said after inspectors shut him down, the store brought in exterminators and took extra steps to keep clean.

He pledged to work harder upon seeing the pictures of the feces we found and a worker swept away the evidence while our cameras were still there.

Two kiosks suspended at Westfield Wheaton Mall

The Bowie Town Center suspension was not the only kiosk identified by inspectors with food dangers.

Health auditors closed Ice Ice Baby at Westfield Wheaton Mall, citing it for workers not washing hands, an ice cream cone container stored on top of open garbage, a toothbrush in the food sink.

Our cameras recorded eyeglasses stored next to the napkins, which is another violation inspectors had cited in the closure report.

Also, at Westfield Wheaton Mall, inspectors suspended Aunt Anne's saying there was no hot water and the worker serving the famous pretzels wasn't washing hands.

Woman flees Rockville restaurant when our cameras arrive

At Szechuan Palace, 12349 Georgia Ave in Rockville, they advertise "healthy fresh Chinese food," but inspectors reported roach and mice evidence all over the kitchen.

One woman fled her table and food upon seeing our cameras enter the restaurant.

Inspectors also say Szechuan Palace's General Tso chicken and fried rice were at potentially dangerous temperatures.

Silver Spring strip mall eateries suspended for mice

In a Silver Spring strip mall, inspectors suspended Yo-Yo café on Outlet Drive citing a heavy mouse infestation resulting in contamination.

Bowie Town Center Mall kiosk had repeat violations

At the Bowie Town Center Hibachi Japan, workers said the manager didn't want to discuss repeat violations resulting in a suspension there and security told us we weren't welcome.

Inspectors cited the kiosk for multiple infractions including cooked chicken stored at room temperature, other food at potentially sickening temperatures, and general dirty conditions.

Inspectors say Safeway may have disputed worker health warning

In Rockville, inside a Safeway at 14939 Shady Grove Rd., when inspectors walked in the deli, they found sewage underneath the rotisserie oven.

Safeway described the sewage as "water and grease," saying it contained no human waste.

"At no time was any food safety compromised," said Safeway spokesman Gregory Ten Eyck in a statement. "It was a backed up floor drain."

Inspectors say a worker reported an apparent dispute with Safeway management about whether it was safe for the deli to remain open with the sewage in the kitchen.

Montgomery County officials say the deli continued operating until officials ordered it closed.

"The store followed proper procedure," said Ten Eyck. "They identified the problem, made an emergency call to a plumber to fix the issue, and cordoned off the area."

Roaches reported all over Langley Park buffet, restaurant, and kitchen

At Langley Park's Tabeer Restaurant, 1401 University Boulevard, the front counter was clean, but they wouldn't allow us in the kitchen, and reneged after agreeing to an interview.

The report cited Tabeer's Royal Buffet of Pakistani delights with live cockroaches.

Inspectors reported even more roaches in the restaurant's restrooms, the dishwasher, on walls, storage, the kitchen sink - even in a roach in soap dispenser.

Doughnut store closed for sewage

At Delight Donut, 6027 Marlboro Pike in District Heights, inspectors cited overflowing sewage on the kitchen floor, food stored on the floor of the freezer, and operating without a food safety manager.

A customer returned his donuts upon seeing our cameras.

All the eateries passed re-inspections and are back in business.

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