Mice droppings on pizza dough roller and roaches among restaurant inspection violations in Adams Morgan, U Street Corridor, Fairfax, Seabrook, Clinton, Fort Washington, Suitland, Lanham and Upper Marlboro

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WASHINGTON (WUSA) - Mice droppings in a pizza dough roller, roaches, and restaurants serving up food without having hot water to clean are among recent citations closing restaurants in DC, Fairfax, Seabrook, Clinton, Fort Washington, Suitland, Lanham and Upper Marlboro.

In Upper Marlboro, Prince George's County inspectors suspended Tuckers Restaurant, 9205 Marlboro Pike, for insect violations and no hot water for cleaning.

In Lanham, the manager at Pizza Bolis, also known as Pizzaness,10829 Lanham Severn Rd., confronted our camera on videotape insisting the restaurant was clean and had cleared re-inspections, twice.

"They're all cleared," the man, who wouldn't identify himself said. "Everything is cleared. It tell you it happened, but we fixed it."

He acknowledges inspectors found roaches, mice droppings, and chicken stored at 77 degrees.

" You are right, but after that everything is clear," he said. "Everything is fine now. "

Pizza Bolis is where inspectors cited mice droppings on the pizza dough roller, and roaches throughout the restaurant.

Health officials also reported cheese, ham, and turkey at unsafe temperatures.

The pizza manager agreed to show us the walk-in cooler which we observed to be at a safe 31 degrees, but while inside, we spotted live and dead insects on the floor.

"In one time, everything cannot be clear," he said about the insects. "Actually, I tell you I have an agreement."

He showed us a recent agreement with an exterminator, and assured us the restaurant is safe.

In Fairfax County, we found another suspended restaurant with its sign removed

When we pulled up, workers were putting on a fresh coat of paint, and the sign was removed at Tippy's Tacos, 11210 Lee Highway in Fairfax, but they are reopened for business.

Fairfax County Health Department inspection reports indicate officials came to the restaurant twice finding no food safety manager on duty.

That means no one inside the restaurant was certified in knowing food safety, like the proper temperatures to keep food safe or how long you can keep food and serve it before it's so contaminated it can make customers sick.

Similar concerns prompted suspensions for operating without any license at all in Prince George's County, shuttering food service at: Salon Renz, 3813 Old Silver Road, Suitland; an illegal operation at 10815 Fort Washington Rd in Fort Washington, an unlicensed operation at Chuck's Wagon, 9407 Lanham Severn Rd. in Seabrook; and New Fellowship Baptist Church 10400 Tippet Rd in Clinton.

Update:  The owner of Salon Renz said inspectors didn't find anything wrong with hair services, but cited the salon due to food served at a fundraising event.

"We were selling dollar plates," said Derrenzo Hines. "In the State of Maryland you have to have a handlers permit to handle plates. Pretty much they came and told us we couldn't sell food."

"We've never been cited for anything as far as hair goes," Hines said. "This was just a one time food event."

In the District, at Jumbo Slice Pizza, 1344 U Street, inspectors cited roaches, no hot water for cleaning, and a licensing violation.

In Adams Morgan, at The Peruvian Restaurant, 1832 Columbia Road, inspectors cited no certified safety manager on duty, failure to cease operations despite no hot water for sanitation, and food at unsafe temperatures.

Except for the Prince George's operations without licenses, all of the restaurants passed re-inspection and are now back in business.

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