Pepco sends Maryland Public Service Commission Saying It Will Review Undergrounding "All Or Parts" Of System

8:02 PM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) - In a change of face, Pepco says it will now review putting its entire system underground.

See the attached video to watch WUSA9 Anchor Bruce Johnson push Pepco President Thomas Graham, June 30th - the day after the storm, on underground wiring.

From that day forward, until now, Pepco had continued to downplay the feasibility and productivity of undergrounding saying it will cost more than $5 billion.

In a letter to the Maryland Public Service Commission, the utility said the move to now review undergrounding was in response to customer and community leader requests.

In the letter, Pepco said "even aggressive tree trimming cannot always resolve reliability issues on some lines, particularly in catastrophic storms."

In the official notification, written by Pepco Assistant General Counsel Douglas Micheel, the utility told state regulators it would provide an analysis within six months of "undergrounding all or portions" of its system.

In a statement released to WUSA9, Pepco said it "will analyze the benefits and costs of more extensive selective undergrounding, and even complete undergrounding."

"This information will allow that the Company, its customers, the Public Service Commission and other policy makers to make informed decisions about undergrounding electric infrastructure," the Pepco statement said.

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