9News Now investigation uncovers restaurant inspections with food safety violations for Washington, DC metro area that result in closures

10:45 PM, Apr 19, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)  - A 9 Wants You to Know project that launched on Thursday will track Washington metro area establishment closures for food safety violations.

9News Now video  that was shot for the project clearly shows a rat scurrying outside one restaurant closed by food inspectors for "failing to minimize the presence of vermin.

In the past two weeks, WUSA9 has identified food shutdowns in Fairfax, Prince Georges, Montgomery County and this in the District of Columbia according to health officials..

The rat was videotaped in a trash enclosure attached to Mid City Deli, 1418 14th St. NW. Inspectors shut the Deli down Friday the 13th of April.

A woman who identified herself as the manager declined to comment.

"No, don't do that," the woman said as a 9 Wants You to Know photographer videotaped the exterior.

She and another man at the restaurant declined to respond to our questions about the inspection report showing "dirty food contact surfaces,"" potentially hazardous food" at "improper temperatures," and "vermin," defined as "the presence of insects, rodents and other pests."

Residents blame the vermin infestation on a rats nest videotaped for our report next to the deli and seafood spot on near Logan Circle.

Besides that live rat, we saw a tail and what appeared to be the remains of a dead rat.

Neighbors say the rats have been a problem for years, but man defended the place

" A bit shoddy, but I hear the food is actually good," said area resident Adel Ait-Ghezala. "It's legendary."

Mid City Deli passed a re-inspection and is now open to the public.

Washington area metro health department reports reviewed by 9 News Now found a total of nine recent closures.

Mid City Deli, 1418 14th St. NW, Washington was closed for vermin violation.

Inspectors shuttered most of the restaurants temporarily for serving food without any hot cleaning water, including:

King Chevron's store, 3011 Martin Luther King Jr SE, Washington (hot water)
Check Cash Plus market, 4055 Minnesota Ave NE, Washington (hot water)
Bread Corner, 591 Hungerford Drive Hungerford, Rockville (hot water)
Kulan Café 3821 S. George Mason Dr., Falls Church (hot water)

In Prince George's County, inspectors shut down three outlaw BBQ trucks for serving without a license.

The District reports shutting down Marinos & Subs, 2404 Minnesota Ave SE, for no license on the premises.

A Marinos official says workers mistakenly brought the license home and the chain has decided not to reopen the location.

All restaurants except the Marinos location, and the bootleg rib trucks have since passed re-inspections and reopened.

We're not just looking for vermin and violations, the 9News Now Investigative Team is looking for rats in public office and government waste. If you've got a tip 9 Wants to know. E-mail us at tips@wusa9.com you can also follow @russptacek on Twitter.

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