Inaugural Ball Style Includes Sparkle and Shine

12:25 PM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Sparkle and Shine and Stilettos Rule the Inaugural Ball

Meaghan and Debra Showing off their dresses.

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- From sparkle and shine to pops of color to basic black, ladies owned the 2013 inaugural ball. 

But just ask them who they are wearing, and you might not get a definitive answer. 

When asked, Joey Harrison of Upper Marlboro, MD said, "I do not know, it's from Nordstroms, that's all I can tell you!"

Daisy Cruz of Southwest D.C. didn't know either. "I didn't have a dress. this is my first time going to a ball so I went to every mall to try and find something." She ended up shining in a red mermaid gown.

She wasn't the only one. Arndreya Price of Bowie, MD sparkled in a black and white one, "I love mermaid gowns because they definitely make the waist look a lot smaller than it really is."

Harrison showed off her sparkly earrings to us, "I like the glitz and glitter so I just found something that was really sparkly that would help bring the dress out."

One woman caught our eye from across the hall. She was decked out in a lime green dress, hat and shoes. We asked her how she selected her outfit, "I just chose this color and apparently its working for me."

We didn't want to focus on just men, so we looked high and low for a man whose fashion stood out. We found just that with Warren Mackie-Jenkins of Georgetown. "I wore the suspenders, the ruffled shirt, the red socks, the red scarf."

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