Inaugural Businesses Get Ready For Big Day

12:55 AM, Jan 20, 2013   |    comments
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ALEXANDRIA (WUSA) - Small businesses that were selected to help design the inauguration and its after parties have a lot to celebrate this weekend.

At Jack Lucky Floral Design in Alexandria, employees have been working around the clock to put the finishing touches on several floral displays that will be used during the inaugural luncheon.

"With what we do, we get to start it, produce it, finish it and there's a lot of personal satisfaction in it," said Jesse Bailey, a designer.
Bailey has been working on the design for the luncheon display since August. He made a few tweaks to it over the last couple of months, until he came up with a perfect display.

"The name of the Rose is Free Spirit. Which I think is really appropriate considering it's for the inauguration," Bailey said. "After the President is sworn in he'll turn around, walk back in to the capitol, and sit down for lunch".

There will be a large floral display at the head table where the President will sit. Nearby, 24 center pieces will sit on neighboring tables for the other guests.

Bailey used to work at the White House in floral design, so he knows what the President and First Lady like.

"They like contemporary, bright colors, oranges, purples, corals," he said.

Perhaps the most interesting thing he told us was the life expectancy of the flowers. While most people would want them to live as long as they can, the flowers Bailey chose are designed to die directly after lunch.

"If they die an hour after that party, but they're at full glory for the lunch - that's what we're after," Bailey said.

This is the fifth inauguration Bailey and his team have worked on.

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