Friday Snow Storm For New England, Mainly Rain in DC Area

6:09 AM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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It's been a disappointing winter for snow lovers in DC. So far, Reagan National has only received 1.5" of snow and Dulles has seen 4.6".

There are many signs that a major snow storm will hit New England Friday into Saturday with possibly 2 feet of snow in places from Hartford to Boston.  Even New York and Long Island could see appreciable snowfall.  I've read other blogs that are comparing this to February 1978.  I remember growing up on Long Island and we had 2 Blizzards that year of about 3 feet each.  It was the most awesome winter of my life.

But, we live in the Mid Atlantic region and it's a lot tougher to see snow like that here.

As the storm moves in Friday morning, there is likely to be a period of snow, sleet and freezing rain, northwest of DC.  The most likely area for problems would be west of the blue ridge, along and west of I-81 and along and north of I-70.

There could also be a little wintry weather as close as Upper Montgomery, Western Fairfax, Loudoun and Fauquier counties.  With the timing of the wintry precipitation expected in the morning hours, delays, even closings are a possibility.

If you have plans to go to New York or Boston this weekend, be advised, heavy snows are a real possibility there.
By Saturday morning, The "Euro" has a crippling snow storm for New England back to New York with wrap around snows all the way down to eastern Maryland and the Delmarva. night, The GFS model has a significant snow for New England and Eastern New York, but the wrap around is not quite as far south and rain moves into parts of southeastern New England.

Remember, these are computer models with different programs, so different "solutions".  As we get closer to the event, the models often, although not always, converge on a solution.  Time will tell.....


Meteorologist Howard Bernstein

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