Could the NHL Lockout Be Almost Over?

11:59 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- Could the Washington Capitals be back to rocking the red in the near future? The answer to that question is nobody really knows.

11:45pm Update
No new news, but WBZ is sticking with their report. Sports reporter Jeff Burton fronted the story in their 11pm newscast. Here's their story with video.

8:45pm Update
A report came out from the CBS in Boston saying that progress had been made in NHL labor negotiations, and a deal could be announced as early as Tuesday. 

That news sent hockey fans and reporters into a frenzy trying to see if that report was in fact true. Apparently, the public answer is no.

Sarah Kwak, a writer for Sports Illustrated tweeted "Asked if there was ANY MORSEL of truth to WBZ report that deal is imminent, B.Daly: 'Not even a single morsel...'" B. Daly being Bill Daly the deputy commissioner of the NHL. That's a pretty resolute no from where I stand.

But could that just be a denial until everybody gets there ducks in a row, every "t" is crossed, and every "i" is dotted? Your guess is as good any on that one. What we do know is that WBZ's radio arm is part of the Boston Bruins radio network. So you would think if there was any station that might get this right, it would be a station that has a relationship with an NHL team.

So where does that leave us? Still in a wait-and-see approach it looks like. Fans want to believe that the lockout will end, and there will be hockey soon. Maybe, just maybe, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

WBZ, the CBS affiliate in Boston, is reporting that "nhl talks have made great progress and it looks like the season will be salvaged." The station's sports department also tweeted "a deal to save the #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday."

9Sports has reached out to Washington Capitals officials in an attempt to confirm the report. At this time, nobody from the team has responded to our inquiry.

NHL Players have been locked out since September 16, when the old Collective Bargaining Agreement expired. Games have been cancelled through December 14, as well as the Winter Classic and the NHL All-Star game.

Negotiations were expected to resume Tuesday with talks between six players and six owners, but without the NHL commissioner and NHLPA executive director. If the two sides are close to an agreement, it is uncertain as to whether or not this meeting will still take place.

We will provide you with the latest news as we get it on 9News,, and on twitter @wusa9sports.

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