Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - A Monumental Life

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

12:10 PM, Jun 24, 2011

From The King Center:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a vital figure of the modern era. His lectures and dialogues stirred the concern and sparked the conscience of a generation. The movements and marches he led brought significant changes in the fabric of American life through his courage and selfless devotion. This devotion gave direction to thirteen years of civil rights activities. His charismatic leadership inspired men and women, young and old, in this nation and around the world.

Dr. King's concept of "somebodiness," which symbolized the celebration of human worth and the conquest of subjugation, gave black and poor people hope and a sense of dignity.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

12:19 PM, Jun 24, 2011

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial is scheduled to be dedicated August 28, 2011.

As seen on 9NEWS NOW, you can donate to help finance the MLK Memorial Foundation project.



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