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Is the fish you're eating safe?

12:23 AM, Nov 21, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- It might taste good, but some people say it might not be good for you. We're talking about fish.

There are really harmful foods and foods that are beneficial. Seafood at times seems to be both. 

We often hear about mercury and imported fish. How do we know if we really are at any kind of risk? 

You've heard it before, don't eat tuna or salmon or sword fish unless you want mercury poisoning. While a web search may turn up fish you should never eat, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there is unwanted alarm about seafood.  

NOAH says the amounts are so low, most people should not be concerned. Pregnant mothers are encouraged to only eat 12 ounces per week and avoid sword fish, shark, tile fish and mackerel. 

Whatever it is you eat, experts stress do it in moderation. Clinical studies show that the benefits of eating seafood certainly outweigh the risk.

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