Mobile USO Supports Military Families in DC Metropolitan Area

11:32 AM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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FORT MYER, Va. (WUSA 9) - Sometimes at the crack of dawn, Jenn Hall hits the road with the Mobile USO. The custom-made vehicle represents USO-Metro on wheels.

The vehicle serves food, fun and support to over half-a-million military families in the Metropolitan area.

The Mobile USO travels on dirt roads and into the "boonies," according to Hall, the Mobile USO Coordinator.

"It's cool to go to places like that. These guys are out there forever...They don't have a lot out there. Their base is very, very, very small," said Hall. The vehicle serves hotdog meals to 25 military installations for USO-Metro.

On a Wednesday, Hall drives to the Indian Head military base in South Potomac, Maryland.

"I love it, I love catering the people. They're very generous, they're very sincere," said Elizabeth Laub, USO Center Coordinator, South Potomac.

"The mobile is key because we are rural. We are very remote. We have no restaurants or services. A lot of the events that go on in metro Washington; these people don't have privy to," said Laub.

Laub and volunteers set up outdoor tables with fresh fruit, cake, cookies, chips and soda.

Meanwhile, Hall serves as hotdog chef and cooks using the built-in oven inside the Mobile USO.

The troops and their families are excited for lunch.

"We like that it feels like that they are wanting to bring something to us when they show up. My husband loves the hot dogs," said Evelyn Honea, wife of Base Command Master Chief, South Potomac.

When Honea and her husband moved here from San Diego in October, 2012, they were looking for a connection with the community.

"So it gives you a feeling of being included in the greater community," Honea added. She happily volunteers and chats with servicemen and their children.

In addition to a lunch, the Mobile USO also raises awareness for community events like Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Month of the Military Child.

"We are recent empty-nesters. And so it does give me opportunity to socialize with other spouses here on base, and come out and spend time. And it has volunteer opportunities, that you know, otherwise wouldn't be here. So it's wonderful because I am more of a social creature! So it's nice to be able to come out," Honea added.

The Mobile USO has logged over 22,000 miles since its creation by Boeing over five years ago.

Every $25 donation to USO-Metro buys 25 hotdog meals for troops and their families. To donate, click here.

NOTE: Gannett Foundation has provided a grant to USO-Metro.

Produced/Reported by: Elizabeth Jia
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