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Save On Energy Costs And Reap Rewards

10:03 AM, Mar 4, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- "This is our programmable thermostat.  We're paying a lot more attention to how much water we're using.  We've switched over to CFL bulbs," says Andrew Cooper.

He didn't always practice what he now preaches.

"We're making sure that the lights are off, the TV is off, the Play Station gets turned off," he says.

When the environmental lawyer heard about a local start-up that will pay him to save on energy costs he says, "I thought this is a great service!  This is really good!"

Earth Aid is free online service that gives consumers the power to reduce their energy consumption, and earn reward points.

"You only have to link each of your utility accounts to Earth Aid once," says CEO Ben Bixby.

The company automatically pulls together a history of your gas, electric and water bills. so you can compare them to current utility usage and track it in the future. 

Earth Aid's Bixby says, "Every time your newest electric, gas or water bill comes in, we update with how well you did.  Did you save.  How many points did you earn."

Points that clients can redeem at 150 businesses nationwide.

"D-C is, by far and away, the place with the most Earth Aid members with thousands of households in the area that have been signed up," says Bixby.

Andrew Cooper has banked 336 points since signing up with the online energy site. 

But he says the biggest reward is seeing the change in his children's behavior.

"I think our boys are a little more aware of how they can save energy.  But, if I can get rewards and do it for free!  What can be bad," he says.

Earth Aid also offers members a comprehensive list of energy-saving measures they can take to improve their energy efficiency.

And, in this age of social networking, you can even invite your family, friends and neighbors to your private account to see how they're savings stack up to yours.

Written by Stephanie Wilson
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