Students Can Save A Bundle Buying Textbooks

5:41 PM, Feb 12, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Science major Samuel Adedeju struggles with the cost of textbooks.  He pays hundreds just for his biology class.

"Around $250 and the lab book is almost $150.  So, it's a lot," he says.

A used copy saves money, but an even cheaper option is growing in popularity.

More students would rather rent than own.  A physics book would cost $150 to buy new. 

It's 42.5 percent of the original price," says Samuel.

The rental is about $64.  Barnes and Noble recently started their service at 25 college bookstores.

This is the perfect opportunity to save some upfront cash, use the book for the time they need it and return it after finals," says Barnes and Noble vice president Jade Roth. ws one of the first to roll out the rent, and claims to have save students more than $145 million since 2007. 

Amazon wants to play in the sandbox too, offering a trade in store for used textbooks.  As, this trend takes shape, another one gains ground. 

Campus Book Rentals

Book Renter

E-readers like new iPad and Kindle are creating a bigger market for digital textbooks. 

Who knows, with the right discount, more students may opt to turn an electronic page.

Three out of four students still prefer paper.  But, with many of them stuck with books they may never read again, the savings from a rented book can really make sense.

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