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(WUSA) -- The ultimate tool to Black Friday success is knowing where to find the deals, and we don't just mean which stores.

When everyone is looking for the same sale items, knowing where to go in the store is a huge advantage.

That's why 9NEWS NOW has put together maps for some of the major stores with the help of researchers at

Click on the links below to download and print your own maps to take with you.

Walmart Black Friday Map

Kmart Black Friday Map

Sears Black Friday Map

Target Black Friday Map

And for 6 Amazing Navigation and Black Friday Survival Tips, CLICK HERE.

***These maps are designed to show you what section to look for. Your local store may differ slightly or it may be inverted. Also, once deals sell out, the store may shift things around. Please keep this in mind.***

Why do we only have four maps? Walmart, Kmart, Sears and Target follow a format that applies at almost every store. This stock layout might mean your local store is inverted but the section are the same. At stores like Kohl's the layouts are drastically different from one store to the next.

Here's a few other pieces of information to keep in mind for each map: Walmart has some very "different" product placement this year. To check the specific layout of your local store, visit as sections vary slightly.

For Kmart, we've highlighted where the top deals are located. Sears has an easy layout and a kiosks that will help you order items if they aren't in stock or not available in your size (that applies to NON-DOOR BUSTER items). And Target is very straightforward this year, what you see is what you get. The electronics will be in the electronic section.

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