Where To Find Inexpensive Prescriptions

2:43 PM, Jun 20, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, New York (WGRZ)-- Families throughout the country are struggling with rising prescription prices but one website, Medtipster, can make a difference or at least put more information at your disposal.

In my continued search to find great websites and deals to save you time and money, today's find locates the cheapest prescrioption meds and generic alternativecs.

More: Medtipster WebsiteEnter the name of whatever drug you or a family member is taking. The dosage of that drug and your zip code.

On something like Ambien, MedTipster finds us the best price at Rite Aid - actually just down the street from our station but the site really comes to life on the generic alternatives.

On Lipitor today's site was quick to suggest a whole list of generic alternatives, presenting savings as high as $20 per prescription. On something like Lovastatin, the site also shows us that it's $11.99 for 90 pills at CVS versus $15.99 at Ride Aid - as part of the savings pass program.

The site is free to use, nothing to sign up for and no spam. Is it perfect? No. It doesn't have every medication out there but for the few seconds it takes to do the research, I'd rather have this information at my disposal.

Today's site may re-enforce information you already know or it could present a wake-up call. Either way, clear anything with a doctor and pharmacist first, especially if this site finds you a generic alternative that peaks your curiosity. MedTipster can in no way take the place of advice from a medical professional.

Written By:  Matt Granite, WGRZ-TV


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