Pro Fix 6 Dent Puller Set

6:46 PM, Jan 7, 2010   |    comments
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Pro Fix 6 Dent Puller Set

WALDORF, Md., (WUSA) -- Even the most protective owners can't avoid the scars of everyday life.

But the Pro Fix 6 Dent Puller Set claims it can take away the pain of those dents without the highy price.  So, we sent the set to Nationwide Dent Repair in Waldorf to check it out.

The directions say, "use it on the big and small dents, supposedly, you just place the puller, activate the suction and pull."  We'll see.

Danny Beers is the dentologist.  He gives one dent the small puller try.

"It's now stuck to it.  We're gonna pull, and I still see the dent," he says.

So, we try the big puller.

"I'm gonna give it a pull, and I don't see anything working," says Danny.

That didn't work either.

The idea seems practical, apply pressure and pull out the damage.  But, Danny and his team tried the set for two weeks on many cars before we arrived, and he says it never did a thing.  Here's his take on why.

"There's not a way to put enough suction on a area to pull it."

Dents are a tricky bunch.  The longer they stay in metal, the harder it is to massage them out.   Nationwide specializes in pointless dent repair.  And, to get out what's left behind, he's got to go deep.

"Slowly work it, work the dent out," he says.

We ask him, "So are these pretty much useless?" 

"Yes," Danny says.

Guess he's not going to try this again.

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