Try It: Shed Ender Pro

9:44 AM, Nov 20, 2009   |    comments
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Shed Ender Pro

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Jessica is a special client here at Horner's Corner pet salon.   She was rescued from Katrina, and today she'll get some pampering.

Kelly Horner has helped many a dog get rid of their overgrown hair.  So, we sent her the Shed Ender Pro to see if it works.

It's supposed to keep shedding hair off the pet, out of your house, promote a healthy coat for long and short haired pets.  We'll see.

To use the Shed Ender Pro, you roll the tool over the hair until it's gone.

"You're supposed to be getting quite a bit in there.  You see some hair coming out," say Kelly.

Jessie sheds alot.  And, Kelly says it is taking longer to get the job done.

"I feel like I'm sliding over the hair instead of really getting it," she says.

So, after more than 10 minutes of rolling the hair, she decides to get out her tried and true tools.

"These are furminators," says Kelly.

She says even for dogs, there are few one size fits all hair products that work.

"It depends on the coat, it depends on if you have a double coated dog, long, curly," Kelly says.  "You're not stopping, I feel it grabbing the hair."

Then, she takes out a brush to get the shorter areas.  Within minutes, Kelly and Jessie are feeling better about this appointment.

"I guess the tail wagging means she's happy," says Living Smart's Lesli Foster.

"Very, happy, happy!" Kelly says.

Kelly says while the Shed Ender doesn't get off some of the hair, she adds, "I don't think it would ever pull all the undercoat out, ever."

So, would she try it again?

She says, "No, no I wouldn't."

Our calls to OnTel, the company that manufactures the Shed Ender Pro, were not returned.

If you've got a product you want us to try, send us an email to




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