Try I! UGlu Claims To Be A Revolutionary New Adhesive

4:17 PM, Aug 12, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- These pint-size summer campers are learning what it takes to repair shoes from a legend of the craft.

"What would you call this stuff here?," he says.

John "Peter Bug" Matthews normally uses cement to bring dozens  of worn out soles, back to life. 

But he and his super agents agree to try out a new product called UGlu that makes some big promises.

We'll see if, like UGlu says, it creates an instant bond, the strength of super glue, and the convenience of tape.  It claims all you need to do is just peel and paste.

"I'm cutting it," he says.

Peter applies the strips of glue to this gym shoe and seals it back together.

"Everybody just try to take that off," he says to the campers.

We ask the kids if it's hard to take off, and they say, "Yeah!"

The UGlu appears to work, until they put the shoe into some water.

"The water is like pulling, pulling it off," says Peter Bug.

Next, the shoe guru shows me how UGlu works on a different shoe.

"Got to line it up," he says. 

Then he adds, "I'm on the job.  I wanna make sure that someone doesn't see me with my shoe all messed up."

The Bug says if you don't apply enough UGlu it will be tough to make it to your next meeting.  The instructions say you should apply the glue with some pressure.

"We're gonna hammer it down," the professional shoe cobbler says.

How did this heel hold up?   Let's just say there wasn't an instant bond.

But the shoe-smith finally gets the product to work.

"I think it works better for the inner soles than the outer soles," he says.

Peter Bug says this one size fits all glue needs some backup to really get the job done.

His advice, "You get a donut on your car, get to the tire shop.  You got the UGlu on your shoe, get to the Peter Bug Shoe Academy!"

Peter Bug says there's no chance he'd try this again. 

But, he says if you decide to use it, you might want to have a spare pair of shoes at your desk, just in case. 

If you have a product you'd like to suggest for our "Try It" segment, send us an email to

We'll be glad to "Try It" for you, and perhaps save you some money. 

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