WUSA 9 Wants "U" to be a part of "US"

4:42 PM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- WUSA 9 wants you! You or someone in your family could have his/her face in our new promotion. 

The most important two letters in "WUSA 9" are "US."

The images, pulled from the frames of video above, show a collage of faces in the letters "U" and "S." 

We want your face to be a part of that collage. 

So, upload your photos and videos here: http://on.wusa9.com/VvFoKW

We'll select a bunch of your photos and videos to be part of our ad that runs during the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10. Millions of people will get to see "U" as part of "US" here at wUSa9.

Here's an important message from WUSA 9's Marketing Director, Sandra Gehring:

You may have noticed that in January we modified the name of the station and our newscasts. We are very proud to be WUSA 9. We made the change because communication today is a shared, engaging two-way experience. The name of our television station was updated to take advantage of great call letters that are symbolic of our brand promise. Just like the U.S.A., we are dedicated to being inclusive, real, engaged, honest and original. That's a perfect description of the WUSA 9 brand.

We've worked to craft a Super Bowl commercial that demonstrates why WUSA 9 will provide real-life solutions, is mindful of your time, will be open and available 24/7, is realistic but also focused on where the story is going, not where it's already been. In this commercial you will see people who look, act and feel just like you do, because you are the pivot point for everything our television station must do. Like the American flag, WUSA 9 must provide and support our customer in ways that are inclusive and meaningful...that is the difference between an advertising campaign and a genuine communication commitment.

We've decided to pre-release the commercials online and in social media, because you live in a multi-platform world and we get that. The aspect that I'm particularly jazzed about today is putting the U is WUSA 9... beginning today and all year long we want to include U in everything we do, including our commercials. Viewers and users can upload a picture or a video that represents "you" or "us" to them personally and they will start seeing themselves on the air when we start using their pictures the night of the Grammy's, Feb. 10th.

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