Shutdown after effects stretch across the area

10:14 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A shutdown could affect you in ways you may not have even thought about, even if you don't work for the government.

They're must-sees and must-dos: DC's many memorials, monuments and museums. The World War Two memorial today was alive with fountains running and cameras snapping. But if you looked twice, you could see barricades stacked in a row, and they'll likely be keeping people out tomorrow when the shutdown smacks down sightseeing plans.

As we were shooting video, we met Ivan who is visiting from Russia. He will be in town for 3 to 4 more days. His plan? "I want to visit more museums because they are wonderful."

I felt terrible telling him that while many are wonderful, they may likely be closed. His response, "I hope that that doesn't happen."

Next, we went to Capitol Hill, the epicenter of shutdown sympathy pains. There we met Raj Bhuller of Gambel Liquors. Raj told us when you run a liquor store, you get to know the people who live and work around there, "Most of them are the working people around here, in government, and they are pretty worried about what's going to happen tomorrow. Most of them said see you in a few days."

That means less cash coming into the store, and Raj says that's even starting early, "It's kinda slow today, it's not busy."

Then, there's the directly affected, like Eric Ingram who works for the Library of Congress, "It affects people monetarily that's the first thing. You think about exactly when you're going to come back to work, how long is this gonna take."

Good question, because Capitol Hill isn't just home to politics and posturing, it's home to people too.

Lastly, let's say you think you're even further removed, and this doesn't affect you, it will have a big effect on the economy and that affects everyone sooner or later.

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