Kelly Osbourne to Miley: Put your tongue away

6:42 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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Miley Cyrus might not care about what strangers say about her bizarre antics, but what about when a friend chimes in?

The pop star's good friend Kelly Osbourne had this to say while co-hosting E!'s Fashion Police VMAs recap: "Miley's my friend and I love her, and I have her back no matter what, but as her friend I'm going to tell her: Put your (effing) tongue in your mouth. I love you, but just put your tongue in your mouth."

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Prior to Sunday night's VMAs and her now-infamous performance - complete with lots of tongue, of course - she tweeted a picture of herself licking a Moonman trophy.

"It's going to be super-dope when I win my VMA, my Moonman, 'cause one, I already made out with him, so now he has to go home with me," she told MTV before the show. Well, that didn't quite pan out - she took home none of the four awards she was nominated for this year.

Looks like all that licking didn't produce much luck.

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