Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard for No More Names rally

1:25 PM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Despite a massacre at the Navy Yard, it seems the gun control debate has been muted, at least until now.

Colin Goddard was shot four times during the Virginia Tech massacre. He's in D.C. to take part in a major gun control rally Thursday between 6:00 and 9:30 a.m.

"Mayors Against Illegal Guns is an organization that is working to reduce gun violence. This summer they've taken a No More Names rally across the country, visited 25 states in each state, read the names of the 9,000 Americans who have been killed by guns since just the Newtown shooting last year. And each state they have other victims of gun violence, survivors. They have law enforcement. They have faith leaders. They have other local officials speaking to the need to reduce gun violence in America and tomorrow, tomorrow's rally will be the culmination of that tour in D.C. where they get to meet their members of Congress and Senate and have a big national event here in D.C.," Goddard told us.

When asked what he thinks the biggest problem is, and why we cannot get stronger legislation against against gun violence, Goaddard replied, "We're not against guns. We just don't want so many people being shot and killed every year. There's a reasonable middle ground is what we're going for here. People have the right to have a gun but we should do a background check before it's sold to people. It's shocking to me after getting shot at Virginia Tech that we don't do background checks on most people. I think it shocks most people. This debate has been polarized for so long. Either everyone has guns or you're all against guns. That doesn't get us anywhere. The conversation we're trying to have is responsible gun ownership that will keep a lot of people safe. I think that conversation here amongst us, amongest people, amongst members of Capitol Hill will be what we need to get progress on this issue and save lives," said Goddard.

Asked how he has been doing since the massacre, Goddard told us, "Fortunately, I've made a great physical recovery. Unless I told you the story, you have no idea. You can't tell. Mentally and emotionally, that's taken longer, honestly. I think there are some things that will never be the same. I'm very jumpy with loud noises. I think about my exits in situations sometimes. That's something natural. Now I found a way to take my negative experience and put it towards something positive because I don't want other people to go through what I went through."

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