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Weight loss supplement, Garcinia Cambogia, gaining in popularity

12:15 PM, Dec 11, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A natural weight loss remedy, everyone wants that boost to help trim the belly. A regimen based on an Indian fruit gained popularity this year after many celebrities claim, It works! But does it?

Mike Carlucci spent $148 for 3 bottles worth of Garcinia Cambogia pills. He says, "I'd like to lose about 25 to 30 pounds."

A magic pill that can trim inches off your belly. Garcinia Cambogia! Some manufacturers claim it can help you lose weight without exercise.

Carlucci says, "I was very disappointed.  It wasn't doing anything."

Health blogger Dana Vento is pleased with her outcome.  Vento says, "I just needed something to give me a boost to lose a little bit of belly."

"My results were actually losing about 8 inches through my waistline and my belly," adds Vento.

So what gives? Why is the outcome so different for certain people?

Dr. Harry Pruess, MD of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and his team conducted a study in India with the actual Garcina Cambogia fruit. Data shows, they found amazing results from those who followed the correct regimen with a proper diet and exercise. The active ingredient blocks the conversion of carbs into cholesterol, creating energy instead. But, Dr. Pruess says many of the supplements offered here in the states are missing that active ingredient.

Dr. Pruess says, "Many of the products out there do not have the proper amounts of hydroxy citric acid."

Called HCA for short, the effective products should have 50 percent of the active ingredient per serving.

Dr. Pruess says, "You don't want lactone in the product, you prefer to get a magnesium compound rather than a calcium one. "

Certified Nutritionist Alana Sugar says this won't work for most people because there are many different reasons for weight gain.

Sugar says, "Everything that i've seen, its not enough to make my buy into it."

Possibly, possibly it might work for someone who tends to gain weight very easily from too many carbohydrates in their diet," adds Sugar.

Dana lost inches in her stomach, but she also eats well and started exercising.

Sugar says, "Would that have come off anyway just from the diet and exercise alone? Or is the supplement really a part of that?"

If she increased her exercise and watched her diet she could've done that without the pill," adds Carlucci.

Mike Carlucci saw no change in his from using the product. But he did not alter his diet or exercise.

Carlucci says, "I've got rid of that stuff I lost 11 pounds watching what I eat, i've been cutting out breads and pasta, sugar."

Dr. Press says, "People will ask me and say 'I don't want to diet and exercise; and I say well try this, it's better than nothing but if you want the best results you will attempt to diet and exercise as well."

A report from Consumer Labs shows less than half of the Garcinia supplements contain the proper amount of HCA to make it effective.

Health Blogger Dana Vento wrote about her experience with the supplement on her website, where later she received compensation from one of the supplement companies.  She says it did not sway her opinion or her blog.

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