Erica Harvey chases her own car after its stolen, gets cited

11:15 AM, Dec 2, 2013   |    comments
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Photo provided by car owner, Erica Harvey

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Holiday thieves are in full force and one Jacksonville woman experienced it firsthand.

The interesting part is that the day after her car was stolen, she spotted it on the road.

Erica Harvey said she drove her car up to pump number seven at Raceway Gas Station on Golfair and I-95, but before she went inside, she did something she never does.

"I did the unthinkable. I left my car unlocked and the music playing and the keys still in the ignition," said Harvey.

It was seconds later when a woman ran into the gas station and told Harvey her car was gone.

"She said some young man just took off in your vehicle at pump seven and I froze," said Harvey.

Hours of agony and a police report later, Harvey decided to go out and look for her car. Except she actually saw it on the road; same car, same tag number. She said it was filled with young boys she described to be ages 12 to 17.

"They took off and I took off right behind them. They jumped in one lane, when they jumped, I jumped," Harvey said.

Read how Harvey describes the chase:

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