Jake Fisher Says Mark Gallick Abused Him, And Fauquier Soccer Club Did Nothing

9:12 PM, Nov 14, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- A local soccer league is under fire, accused of ignoring child sexual abuse by a coach and former Secret Service agent.

Jake Fisher of Warrenton has just sued the Fauquier County Soccer Club alleging he was sexually abused there by his coach starting when he was just 13.

And Mark Gallick is still coaching elsewhere.

But the accuser is also facing big trouble of his own.

Jake Fisher, a star of youth soccer, and behind him -- the coach at the Fauquier County Soccer Club he now says abused him for five years: at sleepovers, at camp, during overnight trips.

In a lawsuit, Fisher says Mark Gallick plied him with alcohol and GHB, the date rape drug, starting in 2005, and that he sexually assaulted him repeatedly.

Fisher's mother Beth Ann says she only learned about the alleged abuse recently. "He told me that his coach raped him at the soccer summer camp when he was 13," she said, her voice breaking. 

Beth Ann Fisher says the Fauquier County Soccer Club allowed Gallick to keep coaching, even after several parents warned the club about his inappropriate conduct with the boys. "The Fauquier County Soccer Club spoke to him, spoke to Mark, and they let him walk out without any discipline. They never alerted the police, they never alerted me."

Beth Ann Fisher says the abuse sent her son spiraling downward until police arrested him in February for robbing the Medicap pharmacy in Harrisonburg, Virginia in search of drugs to end his life. "He didn't want to hurt anybody. And he didn't hurt anybody. He wanted to hurt himself."

Gallick has moved to Colorado, where he continues to coach youth soccer. His father tells me the allegations are false.

But Gallick's history goes back to 1989, when the Boy Scouts of America placed him in their so-called perversion file -- based on another boy's claim that Gallick "grabbed his genitals" at a camp in North Carolina.

Still, the Fauquier County Commonwealth's Attorney wrote last month there was "not sufficient evidence" to file criminal charges against Gallick in the alleged abuse of Fisher.

"Predators like this move in and gain trust and take advantage of these poor young kids who are so impressionable at that age," says John Yannone, Jake Fisher's lawyer at Price Benowitz.

The standard of evidence in a civil lawsuit is lower than in a criminal case. It will now be up to a judge or a jury to decide if the club is legally responsible for allowing this alleged abuse to continue. 

Gallick emailed me saying he would call, but so far he has not.
The Fauquier Soccer Club also declined to comment.

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