Maryland Voter's Guide For November 5, 2013

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Washington, DC (WUSA9)-Yes, Maryland you have an election too on November 5, 2013. Well at least some Marylanders will be going to the polls.  In this off year election there are a handful of municipal seats up for grabs along with some ballot questions.

Poll hours in Maryland are 7am-8pm.

MORELeague of Women Voters Maryland

Vote 1

Richard A. Dahms: he has lived in the city for over 52 years. He ran for this seat twice before.

G. Frederick Robinson (incumbent): He is seeking his 8th term. He first held this office in 1998. He had previously served on the City Council. He is a retired major of the Prince George's County Police Department.

Vote 1

Babatunde Alegbeleye: he is a licensed practical nurse working with geriatric patients.  He  holds a bachelor's degree in business management. U.S. Army veteran.

Henri Gardner (incumbent): was appointed to the Council in January 2011 to fulfill the remainder of the At-Large term vacated by current Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith.  He owns his own business.


Vote 1


Do you support four-year terms for the Mayor and City Council?


Vote 1

Andrew M. Fellows (incumbent): he is going for a third term.  He is a former City Councilman (Dist. 3), 2001-2007; former member, Calvert Hills Citizens Association, 1997-2001.

Robert J. McCeney: he is a Montgomery County middle school science teacher. He has worked in city code enforcement and has volunteered with the Red Cross.


Vote 2

S.M. Fazlul Kabir (incumbent): Software development engineer. He also teaches at the University of Maryland in College Park.

Benjamin S. Mellman: a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Patrick L. Wojahn (incumbent): is an attorney. Since 2010, he has worked as a public policy analyst with the National Disability Rights Network


Vote 2

Robert W. Day, Sr. (incumbent): he is seeking a second term.  Until his election to the Council, he was the President of the College Park Estates Association, Chair of the College Park Rent stabilization Board, member of College Park Noise Board, and current member and two- term former chair of the College Park Advisory Planning Commission.

Matthew E. Popkin: a public policy graduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Stephanie E. Stullich (incumbent): A member of the City Council since January 2007. She works at the U.S. Department of Education as a program analyst.


Vote 1

Jennifer Dougherty (other): she is the former democratic Mayor of Frederick (2002-2005). She ran again in 2005 and 2009 but lost in the democratic primaries. Dougherty also previously ran unsuccessfully as the Democratic candidate in the 2008 race for Maryland's 6th Congressional District.

Randy McClement (republican/incumbent): he owned the market Bagel and Deli on South Market Street for 10 years before selling it in 2012. He is the past President of the Tourism Council of Frederick County. He also used to work in government sales. He has lived in Frederick County since 1994.

Karen Lewis Young (democratic): she is currently an Alderwoman for the city. She has over 30 years of experience in marketing and financial services executive management.


Vote 5

Josh Bokee (Democrat): Director, government affairs, private sector; previously a policy and legislative analyst, public sector.

Daniel D. Cowell (Republican): Credit manager for national banking institution.

Philip Dacey (Republican):  Attorney, Motor Vehicle Administration

John Daniels (Democrat): Retired, U.S. Navy master chief; retired business owner.

Alan Imhoff (Republican): Retired project manager with AT&T.

Donna Kuzemchak (Democrat): Realtor, Frederick County Humane Society Grant Writer, Office Assistant.

Katie Nash (Republican): Business manager for Frederick-based IT professional services company.

Michael C. O'Connor (Democrat/incumbent): Business Manager, Saint Katharine Drexel Parish.

Kelly Russell (Democrat/incumbent): Retired police officer from the Frederick Police Department.

Dave Schmidt (Republican): Self-Employed; Small Business Entrepreneur.


Vote 7

Susan Stewart: Volunteered with groups such as the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and the Prince George's chapter of the Sierra Club, where currently serving as secretary for the executive committee.  

Silke Pope (incumbent): She served on the City's Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) for nine years, chairing the committee for six years until she was elected to City Council in 2009. During her tenure on the council she lead the Public Safety Advisory Committee.

Emmett Jordan (incumbent): seeking a second term. He is currently Mayor Pro Tem.  He owns his own business as an independent contractor offering marketing, communications and strategic planning services.  Previously he worked for the Smithsonian Institution and University of Maryland College Park.

Konrad Herling (incumbent): first elected to the council in 2003. He served as Council liaison to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the Arts Advisory Board, and the Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability (Green ACES).

Edward Putens (incumbent):  he is running for a 16th term.  He has worked for the Food and Drug Administration for the past 22 years, mostly in management positions. Putens previously served in a variety of senior management and staff positions for the Department of Labor, Office of Personnel Management and U.S. Postal Service

Leta Mach (incumbent): she was first elected in 2003. She has served on the National League of Cities Human Development Steering Committee and Maryland Municipal League Convention Planning Committee. She is the immediate past chair of the Maryland Municipal League Communications Committee.  She is chair of the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee and immediate past chair of Clean Air Partners. She is also the secretary of the Prince George's Elected Municipal Women.

William Orleans: self described "labor man."

Rodney Roberts (incumbent): he is running for a 10th term. Roberts served as a member of the Metro Area Sector Planning Group. He is a member of the Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board, City Council Liaison to the Youth Advisory Board and Arts Activity Board. Roberts is a member and former chair of the Committee to Save the Green Belt and a founding member of the Greenbelt Foundation for the Arts.

Judith Davis (incumbent): she is running for an 11th term. Currently, Davis serves as mayor, a position she has held since 1997. Prior to her election to the City Council in 1993, she was appointed to the city's Advisory Planning Board (APB) for 10 years and was elected chair by its members from 1988 to 1992. Davis represents the Council on the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Board of Directors.


Vote 1

Michael R. Leszcz (incumbent): he is running for a 9th term. He is employed as a Program Operations Officer in the Internal Revenue Service.  Leszcz served as Mayor of Laurel in October 2001, following the death of former Mayor Frank P. Casula, and served as Mayor until March 2002. During his fifteen years of service on the City Council, Mr. Leszcz served as President of the City Council for six years.Prior to serving as Mayor and on the City Council, Leszcz was a member of the City of Laurel Planning Commission for 17-years, serving as its Chairman for 8 years.

Adrian B. Rousseau: he owns his own personal security company that  provides security for individuals as well as consulting for businesses. He volunteers as an athletic director and coach for the Laurel Boys and Girls Club.


Vote 2

Valerie M.A. Nicholas (incumbent): she has held this office since 2011. She is a retired federal government worker. During that time, she served two former Presidential Appointees under the Clinton Administration, where she originally came on board as a White House Appointee. Prior to that, she worked in numerous roles on the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee.

H. Edward Ricks (incumbent):  he is seeking a 6th term. Ricks previously served four consecutive terms on the City Council from 1980 to 1988, serving as President pro tem in 1982 and President in 1984. He is retired from the Family Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Mr. Ricks is a life member of the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department and the Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad.

John Mathew Smith:  he is a photographer who moved to Laurel in 2006. This is his first run for public office.


Vote 2

Donna L. Crary (incumbent): she is seeking a third term and holds a law degree.  She opened a general practice law firm, concentrating on estate planning in 1995. She has served on the Board of Appeals since 2004. Additionally, she has served on the Green Building Task Force since 2007. She has been a member of the Community Economic Development since 2009 and she has also been a part of the Hometown Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council since 2011. 

Thomas Elwood Matthews: he is a lifelong resident of Laurel and works works as the assistant director for Howell Funeral Home in Jessup. 

Frederick Smalls (incumbent): is running for a 6th term. He served as Council President from 2006 to 2008. Other accomplishments he has achieved include serving as President of the Prince George's County Municipal Association, as Chairman of the Maryland Municipal League's Communications Committee, and currently as a member of the Maryland Municipal League's Board of Directors and the City's Planning Commission.  Additionally, Smalls serves as a member of the Laurel Regional Hospital Board of Directors and a member of the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee.


Vote 1

Bridget Newton: she is a 2-term council member. She is a 32-year resident of the city. Newton is the Council Liaison to the Planning Commission, Rockville Housing Enterprises, the Senior Commission, the Parks and Rec Board, the Youth Commission, Landlord Tenant Affairs Commission and the Financial Advisory Board. Ms. Newton also serves on the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) of COG (Council of Governments).

Mark Pierzchala: he is a 2-term council member. In his first term, he served as the chair of the Budget and Finance Task Force and as the Council representative on the Retirement Board and Rockville Economic Development, Inc. Pierzchala is a statistician and systems analyst who works on major federal government surveys in the field of data collection.


Vote 4

Beryl Feinberg:  former member of City's Board of Supervisors of Elections; Appointed to Rockville's Budget and Finance Task Force; Served on Rockville Summit, visioning Rockville's future; Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of Montgomery County's Department of General Services; Previously Senior Manager in County's Office of Management and Budget.

Donald Hadley: is chairman of the city's Planning Commission and has been a lawyer for more than 40 years. He specializes in estate planning and administration. 

Tom Moore (incumbent): he is seeking a 2nd term.  Moore is senior counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). His work focuses on legal issues relating to consumer privacy, digital security, government surveillance, and open government.

Virginia Onley: she is retired from IBM; currently works at Walter Reed Military Medical Center Navy Exchange.

Julie Palakovich Carr: Public Policy Manager at the American Institute of Biological Sciences.

Claire Marcuccio Whitaker: she is an attorney litigating civil cases for almost three decades.  She is  the sister of the current Mayor, Phyllis Marcuccio, who is not seeking re-election.



No Opinion

In the City of Rockville, the term of office for the Mayor and the Council members is currently 2 years. Do you favor increasing the term from 2 years to 4 years?



No Opinion

City of Rockville elections are currently held every 2 years, in odd numbered years. Do you favor moving the City elections to be held every 4 years to coincide with the Presidential election?



No Opinion

The City of Rockville is currently governed by a Mayor and four Council members. Do you favor increasing the membership of the Rockville Mayor and Council to a Mayor and six Council members?



Terry Seamens (incumbent): He has served on the council since 1999--except for a term when he ran for mayor and lost. 

Eric Mendoza:  according to news accounts he dropped out of the race on October 31; however, it is too late to drop his name from the ballot.

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