Call For Action heads up on sweepstakes scams

4:33 PM, Oct 14, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Big money, big trips and big dreams.  That's what most sweepstakes advertise, but if you're not careful you could lose big.

This "Heads Up" comes from one of our viewers.

A Capitol Heights, Maryland resident reached out to our WUSA 9 Call For Action team recently when she got a call from someone who claimed to represent a very popular sweepstakes organization.

The man on the phone told her she had hit it big.  But, first, she needed to wire more than $5,000 of her own money to claim it.  That was a red flag to her and it should be one to you, too.

In general, you should stay away from offers that force you to pay your money first to win. 

The one exception is the state lottery programs.  In that case, it's understood that you'll pay taxes on the sum that you win.

Got a problem you need us to solve or want to volunteer on our team to help others, just click here on the Call For Action link.

Or call our hotline at 301-652-HELP.

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