"Anacostia" DC's daytime drama

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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Can't get enough day-time drama in your favorite soap opera? 'ANACOSTIA' is the daytime drama you can find online. It's set in Anacostia and many members of the cast and crew are locals from Southeast, D.C. 

The cast is getting ready to embark on their 4th season. Sex, lies and drama are all cornerstones of a good soap opera and that's what Anacostia strives for.

Marion Akpan plays 'Nancy.'

"She's the lady you don't want around your husband. The man stealer, home wrecker but hey, she's got class.

Then there's Pasha Diallo who plays the sadistic Madam, and Kena Hodges plays the model and recovering crack addict.

The man behind the characters, who also stars in the show is Anthony Anderson.

"There's a little Pinot Grigio behind it somewhere."

The predominately black cast tackle tough social issues.

"There's really no off limits to the show."

Kena Hodges, who plays 'Nicole' says, "I'd like to call us trend setters. A lot of other web series have popped up since ours started 4 years ago."

The online soap puts a spotlight on Anacostia, an area sometimes overlooked and often times linked to poverty and crime. But the show's creator and director says there's so much more.

Anderson, "It has everything a soap opera needs, it's got it's diabolical people and it's upstanding people. When you do a show like this and when you are going to do it on location that location has to be your biggest character of all. Take a show like Sex in the City. The biggest character was New York City."

Pasha Diallo, 'Dominique' says, "I think people who especially watch the show are going to be proud to associate with the area because it's reborn."

ANACOSTIA has won numerous Indie Soap Awards including best cast, actor and best writing; think the online version of the Emmys.

Anderson, "I had no idea anyone would watch, now we're looking at season 4 and in 97 countries.

As the World Turns and General Hospital actress Martha Byrne is a regular guest star on the series.

Last season, viewers were left wondering who survived a cliffhanger when someone blew up a church.

'No spoilers there.'

Filming of 10 episodes of season four starts next week. The soap has reached roughly one million viewers online from previous seasons. 

Local cable access station DCTV also carries the show. All are unpaid actors.

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