The best ways to cancel cable

7:27 AM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGOTN (WUSA9) -- Our cable bills seem to get bigger every year.

The bills can be brutal: $100, $200 or even more to the cable company all for long lists of channels you may not even be watching.

Some customers, including Kiplinger's Lisa Gerstner, are taking action.

"Getting rid of cable has been great for me," shared Gerstner.

She says it's also been good for her bank account: "That adds up, paying about $100. Now we pay $8 a month for the Netflix streaming."

"Numbers show that even though 45 percent of us think that paying for cable is a waste of money, 86 percent of us are still paying for cable or some sort of statelite serve," she added. 

One of the first steps for a lot of consumers who are ditching cable is to buy an indoor or outdoor antenna.

"It cost me about $40-$50 bucks. I think we get about 40 stations," shared Gerstner.

And the picture is pretty great. "It can sometimes be even better than a cable or sat service because they aren't compressing those signals so much," said Gerstner.

Web streaming services like Netflix and Hulu can help fill in programming gaps with its large collection of movies and TV shows.

"Another thing you can do is subscribe to Hulu Plus. For $8 a month you can get whole seasons of shows,  said Gerstner.

Amazon Instant video and iTunes are other programming options. An easy way to get that entertain to your TV is adding a streaming device.


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